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Re: missing entry in slapcat backup

Hello Andrew,
> Dryrun won't be able to detect missing structural entries: that
> requires a database. Even an internal list of DNs is not
> enough, as the actual entries have to be available in order to
> check things like schema and content rules.
> To be a valid test you really have to import the data into a
> server with configuration identical to the production server.
> If that would take too long then a reasonable compromise might
> be to import to a server set up to write data as fast as
> possible. You could reasonably turn off all database-safety
> functions to do that, or put the database on a ramdisk.
> Even if you use hdb on the production servers you might
> consider trying mdb for the backup tests.

Thanks for enlighten me. I've a separate backup server (read only
slave), where I can do this.
So I'll try to get money from the FC for more RAM to make the test in
a ramdisk ^^

kindly regards