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Re: missing entry in slapcat backup

>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> ~ # slapcat -f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf >/backup.ldif; echo $?
>> 0
>> It seems to me, that in such case, the slapcat does not trows an error?!
> slapcat doesn't check for missing entries. Its only job is to dump out the
> contents of what is in the DB. It doesn't try to tell you what isn't in the
> DB. Your DB must have been in this state for a long time, probably ever
> since its initial import.

Hello Howard,

thanks for answer, I presumed something like this!

I think, it would be a great thing to test the slapcat file (after
dumping it) instantly.

So as reported in
I tried to do this with a broken backup and the dry-run switch. But
slapadd did not report the error.
It will work only with a real import.
Are there other possibilities, or can be slapadd modified, that this
will report such error?

Thanks in advance