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How to calculate maxsize for an MBD [was: 2.4.32: mdb stable enough?]


On Wednesday, 15. August 2012, Howard Chu wrote:
> The MDB library has not yet been optimized for write performance. I expect
> that there are still some changes for it coming, because it's clear we can
> still push it further.
> But feature-wise back-mdb is complete, and we know of several companies
> that have tested it heavily for their own purposes and are deploying it in
> production.

Howard's reassuring answer made me wnt to switch from HDB to MDB too.

But this brought up a question:
Given an existing HDB database, is there a formula or something to calculate 
the 'maxsize' config option of MDB from the existing information.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Best regards

Peter Marschall