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Re: LDAP authentication using Radius

Howard Chu wrote:
> JET JETASIK wrote:
>> I am investigating 2 factor authentication in which mostly they are radius
>> server actually.
>> My problem is that most of my applications relying on LDAP auth only.
> If by 2-factor authentication you mean some kind of challenge/response method,
> that will not work. The module has no way to relay the challenge back to the
> LDAP client, and the LDAP Simple Bind request doesn't support
> challenge/response type authentication.

IIRC the RADIUS service of RSA SecurID accepted the personal token PIN and the
OTP concantenated in a single RADIUS request. No need for extra challenge
response PDUs in this case. But it feels like 2-factor authc for the user.

Ciao, Michael.