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Re: 2.4.32: mdb stable enough?

Karsten Heymann wrote:
> Hi,
> I know this is difficult to answer, but is the mdb backend as it comes
> in 2.4.32 ready for a productive master-master setup with somewhat
> less tham 1mio entries? slapd-mdb(5) states it's an early release and
> that incompatible changes may occur, but on the other hand hdb changes
> disk format from time to time too. So, what are the opinions?
> The setup will be extensively tested, but if mdb should not be ready
> yet I could skip the tests and concentrate on hdb.

The MDB library has not yet been optimized for write performance. I expect
that there are still some changes for it coming, because it's clear we can
still push it further.

But feature-wise back-mdb is complete, and we know of several companies that
have tested it heavily for their own purposes and are deploying it in production.

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