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Re: Docs To Do list and other ideas. Please contribute


Michael Ströder schrieb (05.07.2012 21:57 Uhr):
Gavin Henry wrote:
On 5 July 2012 16:44, Gavin Henry <gavin.henry@gmail.com> wrote:
On 5 July 2012 08:23, Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com>
xsun wrote:
I don't remember if we talked about a wiki in the past but
it's definitely a good idea.
While Wikis seem to be attractive at first glance the biggest
caveat is that you can't cut a doc release of all the pages for
a certain software release.

In other open source projects which have all the docs in a Wiki
this turned out to be a major issue.
Good point. We would just need to decide what docs go in the Wiki
and what format we export them as for the guide.

To add more:

1. It's IMO better to commit doc changes along with code changes if
possible. I think this is already done with man pages. That's almost
impossible with wiki pages.
> [...]
> 4. Editing wiki pages cannot be done while being off-line during
> travel...
Gavin already mentioned dokuwiki. And I think point 1. and 4. could
be done by using dokuwiki with its plain text backend.