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Re: Anyone using ejabberd with OpenLDAP?

>> HI all,
>> Taking advantage of the technical list for once and the OpenLDAP
>> "related" questions :-)
>> Anyone messed with ejabberd and OpenLDAP? I'm looking for an XMPP
>> server with the best LDAP support.
>> ejabberd does auth, rosters and vcards but the ability to load a list
>> of hosts/domains from LDAP like you can do
>> with Exim etc. would rule.
>> Any suggestions?
> i went through this exercise, albeit some time ago, and ultimately settled
> on openfire.  others i considered at the time were ejabberd, in.jabberd,
> jabberd2, openfire, prosody, and tigase.  none had what i would call
> fantastic ldap support, but openfire came reasonably close, and offered
> other benefits which outweighed the areas in which its ldap implementation
> lacked.  most notably, there was only support for ldaps.  no starttls.  i
> don't recall any providing the ability to read hosts or domains from ldap.
> prosody also seemed to have promise, but at the time, it was too early in
> it's development stages to be used as a daily service.

Yeah, I think I've settled on ejabberd as I need multi domains. Quite
surprised you can't
load up hosts via an RDBMS or Directory server.