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Re: Anyone using ejabberd with OpenLDAP?

On 07/05/2012 06:18 PM, Gavin Henry wrote:
HI all,

Taking advantage of the technical list for once and the OpenLDAP
"related" questions :-)

Anyone messed with ejabberd and OpenLDAP? I'm looking for an XMPP
server with the best LDAP support.

ejabberd does auth, rosters and vcards but the ability to load a list
of hosts/domains from LDAP like you can do
with Exim etc. would rule.

Any suggestions?

i went through this exercise, albeit some time ago, and ultimately settled on openfire. others i considered at the time were ejabberd, in.jabberd, jabberd2, openfire, prosody, and tigase. none had what i would call fantastic ldap support, but openfire came reasonably close, and offered other benefits which outweighed the areas in which its ldap implementation lacked. most notably, there was only support for ldaps. no starttls. i don't recall any providing the ability to read hosts or domains from ldap. prosody also seemed to have promise, but at the time, it was too early in it's development stages to be used as a daily service.