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Re: New overlay, your opinion?

Thanks for you answer!

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>I don't understand what you mean with "( _, §, £, ...)", but:

To set what attributes needs to be looked up by the overlay I simply use a symbol before them,
and I leave the possibility for the users to chose what symbol they want to use (default being "_" ).

>Are you sure there is a problem?  It's standard for clients to ask for
>attribute "1.1" when they want no attributes returned:  Asking for any
>attribute suppresses the default behavior of returning all user attrs.
>And there should be no attribute with OID "1.1".  So when slapd looks
>it up, that'll fail and be treated as any other unrecognized attribute.

For my tests I simply use the ldapsearch, no passing by a client program.
    ldapsearch -x -b "dc=test,dc=com" "(sn=*)" street
      -> this gives "street" in attName[iAtt].an_name.bv_val
    ldapsearch -x -b "dc=test,dc=com" "(sn=*)" _street
      -> this gives "1.1" in attName[iAtt].an_name.bv_val
In the 2.4.23 version of OpenLDAP this worked well. I found "_street" in the an_name.
I would then remove the _ before the attribute name so it would be send as a valid attribute to the server.

Johan Jakus