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Re: New overlay, your opinion?

Johan Jakus writes:
>Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>>I don't understand what you mean with "( _, §, £, ...)", but:
> To set what attributes needs to be looked up by the overlay I simply
> use a symbol before them, and I leave the possibility for the users to
> chose what symbol they want to use (default being "_" ).

Duh.. I should have looked at some of the comments in the program.
Looks like you've been hit by a tweak to schema checking introduced in
ITS#6819.  Valid attribute names start with a letter, followed by
alphanumerics and hyphens.  Or attrs are spelled as OIDs: Integers
separated by dots.

You could put a prefix like "parsearch-" instead.  Don't know if that'll
work, and if it'll keep working.  Reading ITS#6819, the question of what
to do with unknown attribute descriptions seems a bit unsettled.

Or use an attribute option.  E.g. for "cn" you'd request "cn;parsearch".
See RFC 4512 section 2.5.2.*.  Put "attributeoptions parsearch" in
slapd.conf, or "attributeoptions parsearch lang-" to keep the default
supported option range "lang-" if you have use for language options.  Or
call ad_define_option("parsearch", <config filename>, <config line>).

Neither variant is quite correct with respect to inheritance, but at
least they have valid syntax and attribute options are standard.

> For my tests I simply use the ldapsearch, no passing by a client program.

Nitpick: Then ldapsearch is the LDAP client you are using.  Anyway,