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Re: New overlay, your opinion?

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
 Just use
       slap_overinst *on = (slap_overinst *) op->o_bd->bd_info;
       Entry *e;
       rs_entry2modifiable( op, rs, on );
       e = rs->sr_entry;  /* this is now modifiable */

Thanks allot for your opinions Hallvard,

I'm working on applying them!
Since, I was working on the previous version of OpenLDAP (2.4.23).
I needed to update to be able to use the "rs_entry2modifiable()" function.
And, in the new version, I can no longer use : 
AttributeName* attName = op->oq_search.rs_attrs;
int iAtt;
for( iAtt=0; attName[iAtt].an_name.bv_val != NULL; iAtt++ )
if ( attName[iAtt].an_name.bv_val[0] == dupPp->pp_symbol[0] ) 

Because when there is a symbol ( _, §, £, ...) before the attribute,
the 'attName[iAtt].an_name.bv_val' gives "1.1" instead of "_attributename"
And I need to recover at least the attribute name to make my overlay work.
Any ideas? Thanks!

Johan Jakus