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Re: chaining and referral object with two referrals

Meike Stone wrote:

I've tried to readce the source, but I'm no C-programer, so it is very
hard for me to follow ....

In the chain.c I've red the following comment:

     "/* We're setting the URI of the first referral;
     * what if there are more?"

Does this mean, the overlay can not handle more than one referral in
the referral object?

It tries them each, one at a time until it succeeds.

Thanks Meike

2011/8/9 Meike Stone<meike.stone@googlemail.com>:

sorry for asking again.

If I use the chaining overlay (slapo-chain), and I put more then one
referral in the referral-object, how does the overlay behave and can I
configure this?
Background is, that I want put two referrals to two LDAP-Servers
(multi master) and if one of them is missing, the secondary should be
asked from the slapo.


Thanks, Meike!

(Excuse me for using the mail address from my colleague last time)..

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