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Re: list of replics

12.08.2011 11:34, Marc Patermann ÐÐÑÐÑ:
Our company has some core ldap servers.
Also we have many replicas from this core, all supported by different
persons. I need to get the full list of these replicas.
I supposed to find this information in slapd.log, with "sync" enabled,
but I couldn't find any replica indicators.
Could you please let me know how to find replicas information in
To problem may be that you have refresh and persist consumers, which
have long running connection. So the "ACCEPT" message from the beginning
of the connection, where you can see the connecting IP is in the log
file from long, long ago.

I have "ACCEPT" messages, but can't find difference between sync and "normal" connection.

Sync connection still open, but it is only "anchor".