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Re: chaining and referral object with two referrals


I've tried to readce the source, but I'm no C-programer, so it is very
hard for me to follow ....

In the chain.c I've red the following comment:

    "/* We're setting the URI of the first referral;
    * what if there are more?"

Does this mean, the overlay can not handle more than one referral in
the referral object?

Thanks Meike

2011/8/9 Meike Stone <meike.stone@googlemail.com>:
> Hello,
> sorry for asking again.
> If I use the chaining overlay (slapo-chain), and I put more then one
> referral in the referral-object, how does the overlay behave and can I
> configure this?
> Background is, that I want put two referrals to two LDAP-Servers
> (multi master) and if one of them is missing, the secondary should be
> asked from the slapo.
> (http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-technical/201107/msg00267.html)
> Thanks, Meike!
> (Excuse me for using the mail address from my colleague last time)..