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Re: DSEE to OpenLDAP

Bill MacAllister wrote:
I'm not sure that replication between the two is an option (although would
love it if it was :), so I have looked into exporting the current DSEE
environment to a LDIF, and attempted to then import it into openldap
(using slapadd), but ran into a few issues...

The issue I'm currently stuck on is getting the data in the LDIF into a
format that can be imported using slapadd. Currently, I have issues with
automounts, pwdReset attribs etc etc...

Why can't you just use ldapsearch on the existing directory and use that
as input to slapadd?

slapadd is meant for well-formed LDIF input, mainly from slapcat. DSEE is known to not support schema checking of any kind, therefore any LDIF you obtain from it will most likely be full of garbage and not well-formed. As such, you should only use ldapadd to import it, so you get full error checking on the import.

Of course, that only gets you the data.  I would bet that the real issue
will be getting the access controls correct.

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