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Hi, I have currently been given the task of migrating our current LDAP
environment from Sun DSEE (6.3.1) to OpenLDAP.

I have done some research on this topic, and suspect its not a trivial
task, and am hoping for some pointers/advise from anyone that may have
attempted this in the past...

I'm not sure that replication between the two is an option (although would
love it if it was :), so I have looked into exporting the current DSEE
environment to a LDIF, and attempted to then import it into openldap
(using slapadd), but ran into a few issues...

The issue I'm currently stuck on is getting the data in the LDIF into a
format that can be imported using slapadd. Currently, I have issues with
automounts, pwdReset attribs etc etc...

Any help would be appreciated.