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Re: Automated testing routines?

Quoting masarati@aero.polimi.it:

Perhaps someone at Debian could.  You need to explicitly request "make
test" to run the test suite using OpenLDAP's make.  That's all that ships
with OpenLDAP.  The rest isn't ours.

I think I found the cause. It's the last three lines in Makefile.in (Apr 13 2010):

   check: test
   test: FORCE
           cd tests; make test

I suspect that if I remove them, the tests may be disabled.

This file also contains an OpenLDAP Foundation copyright notice, so I guess the Debian maintainers added those lines. On the other hand, these lines also appear in the copy of Makefile.in (same date) included in the openldap_2.4.23.orig.tar.gz file.