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Re: Automated testing routines?

> Quoting masarati@aero.polimi.it:
>> Perhaps someone at Debian could.  You need to explicitly request "make
>> test" to run the test suite using OpenLDAP's make.  That's all that
>> ships
>> with OpenLDAP.  The rest isn't ours.
> I think I found the cause. It's the last three lines in Makefile.in
> (Apr 13 2010):
>     check: test
>     test: FORCE
>             cd tests; make test
> I suspect that if I remove them, the tests may be disabled.
> This file also contains an OpenLDAP Foundation copyright notice, so I
> guess the Debian maintainers added those lines. On the other hand,
> these lines also appear in the copy of Makefile.in (same date)
> included in the openldap_2.4.23.orig.tar.gz file.

FORCE is a fake dependence to make sure that rule depends on a file that's
never created (info make for details).  This has nothing to do with
automatically executing that command.

If you run OpenLDAP from scratch, using sources distributed by OpenLDAP,
by no means tests are executed if you execute "make" or "make install".

Probably, Debian build scripts force the execution of "make test" at the
end of the build.  I don't see anything wrong in this, it's their choice
and in general I find it useful to check that things just built work as

In any case, this has nothing to do with OpenLDAP.  You're complaining to
the wrong people in the wrong place.