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Re: German Umlauts are converted and also not accepted


Am 10.11.10 15:47, schrieb Christian Manal:
> Hi,
>> As my name contains a german umlaut I do get an error adding 'Götz
>> Reinicke' for the gecko.
> Do you mean 'gecos' with that? The 'gecos' attribute from the NIS-schema
> is an IA5 string [1], which is equal to ASCII. You won't be able to use
> special characters with that one.

jep 'gecos', typo on my side. I was thinking of something like that.
Thanks for making that clear to me :-)

>> Also for 'displayName', 'cn' and 'givenName' the 'ö' is automatically
>> replaced by 'oe'.
>> If I change the entry in the ldap by hand in the apache DS, the 'ö' is
>> accepted accept for the geckos. An 'ü' in 'o' is manually accepted to.
> How is your ldif file encoded? 'cn', 'givenName' and so on are defined
> as SUB to 'name', which is defined with "Directory Sting" syntax [2] aka
> UTF-8.

It's from what my text editor says UTF-8.

But now I do have also the phenomenon, that in the ldap the umlaut is
replaced with a wired character and not replaced with 'oe' ....

I think, that the AD Studio makes something 'funny'. May be.

	cheers . Götz
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