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Re: German Umlauts are converted and also not accepted


> As my name contains a german umlaut I do get an error adding 'Götz
> Reinicke' for the gecko.

Do you mean 'gecos' with that? The 'gecos' attribute from the NIS-schema
is an IA5 string [1], which is equal to ASCII. You won't be able to use
special characters with that one.

> Also for 'displayName', 'cn' and 'givenName' the 'ö' is automatically
> replaced by 'oe'.
> If I change the entry in the ldap by hand in the apache DS, the 'ö' is
> accepted accept for the geckos. An 'ü' in 'o' is manually accepted to.

How is your ldif file encoded? 'cn', 'givenName' and so on are defined
as SUB to 'name', which is defined with "Directory Sting" syntax [2] aka

Christian Manal