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German Umlauts are converted and also not accepted


I'v searched for an answer but did not found one yet.

I do have a openldap-2.3.43 server (centos 5.5.) in test and tried to
add a ldif-file with my data using the apache directory studio (on mac
os x).

As my name contains a german umlaut I do get an error adding 'Götz
Reinicke' for the gecko.

Also for 'displayName', 'cn' and 'givenName' the 'ö' is automatically
replaced by 'oe'.

If I change the entry in the ldap by hand in the apache DS, the 'ö' is
accepted accept for the geckos. An 'ü' in 'o' is manually accepted to.

Any hints, explanations, suggestions?

Thanks and best regards,

Götz Reinicke

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