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RE: Openldap2.4.16 performance issue

I agree with you. Please suggest me what to do for resolution of this issue.

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"Singh, Devender (GE Capital, consultant)" <Devender.Singh2@ge.com> writes:

> Please find the below answers:
> [root@abc openldap-data-ge_cw]# du -sh *.bdb
> 3.6M    br.bdb
> 72K     cn.bdb
> 32K     displayName.bdb
> 234M    dn2id.bdb
> 104K    gr.bdb
> 419M    id2entry.bdb
> 56K     mail.bdb
> 1.4M    objectClass.bdb
> 2.9M    pf.bdb
> 212K    pr.bdb
> 72K     sn.bdb
> 72K     uid.bdb

I have seen the problems you describe before. Although a configured
cache size of 250M and a database size of some 660M is not sufficient,
it still is not such a bottleneck. To my experience a heavy cpu load
is most likely based on heavy disk operations.
If moving the transaction logs onto a separate disk didn't solve it,
look for other concurrent read/write operations. Check whether the
logs report constantly deadlocks.
In some cases a journaling file system reduced performance. I
experienced rather bad results with xfs.

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