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RE: Openldap2.4.16 performance issue

Please find the below answers:

[root@abc openldap-data-ge_cw]# du -sh *.bdb
3.6M    br.bdb
72K     cn.bdb
32K     displayName.bdb
234M    dn2id.bdb
104K    gr.bdb
419M    id2entry.bdb
56K     mail.bdb
1.4M    objectClass.bdb
2.9M    pf.bdb
212K    pr.bdb
72K     sn.bdb
72K     uid.bdb

[root@abc openldap-data-ge_cw]# getconf LONG_BIT

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--On August 19, 2010 4:23:31 AM +0530 "Singh, Devender (GE Capital, 
consultant)" <Devender.Singh2@ge.com> wrote:

> Yes I did it, but not getting good performance. I restart slapd every
> time when cpu goes 200%.

What is the size of your *.bdb files?  Are you on a 32-bit or 64-bit


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