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Re: ldapmodify is modifying my code

Right you are. Thankyou. There really is no predicting what will happen
to your data when you work outside the spec.

I've changed it by moving my data into a file which now looks like this:

dn: cn=newgrou1,ou=Groups,dc=moores,dc=ca
changetype: modify
add: memberUid
memberUid: newuser1
add: member
member: uid=newuser1,ou=People,dc=moores,dc=ca

Then I run ldapmodify like this:

/usr/bin/ldapmodify -v -y /etc/ldap.secret -D cn=admin,dc=moores,dc=ca
-xH ldap://localhost -f ~/test.ldif

Now my reply is this:

ldap_initialize( ldap://localhost:389/??base )
ldapmodify: wrong attributeType at line 5, entry

Fingering my user and group reviels the following. (note the existing
member entry is from manually creating it via a GUI):

root@bison:~/ldapscripts.bkp# ldapfinger -g newgrou1
dn: cn=newgrou1,ou=Groups,dc=moores,dc=ca
objectClass: groupOfNames
objectClass: posixGroup
gidNumber: 65535
member: uid=test,dc=ca
description: Group account
cn: newgrou1

root@bison:~/ldapscripts.bkp# ldapfinger newuser1
dn: uid=newuser1,ou=People,dc=moores,dc=ca
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: shadowAccount
objectClass: posixAccount
cn: newuser1
sn: newsn
uid: newuser1
uidNumber: 65535
gidNumber: 100
homeDirectory: /home/newuser1
loginShell: /bin/bash
gecos: newuser1
description: User account
title: test

Any more pointers?


Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
> Darryl Moore writes:
>> It's not a different DN. It is the value of the 'member' attribute.
>> I don't believe they do need to have LF separators between attributes.
> Your belief is wrong.  Read - and believe - 'man ldif'.  Or read - and
> believe - the output from ldapmodify.  It told you it modified the entry
> named
>   "cn=newgrou1,ou=Groups,dc=moores,dc=ca changetype:
>   modify add: memberUid memberUid: newuser1 replace: member member:
>   uid=newuser1,ou=People,dc=moores,dc=ca"
> All of that is the DN it used.
>> The data I am feeding into ldapmodify was the same data I extracted from
>> a slightly modified version of the ldapaddusertogroup script. So this is
>> how that script does it also.
> So your extraction script is broken, maybe it did echo `something`
> instead of echo "`something`".  Or your cut&paste from the extraction is
> broken.