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Re: ldapmodify is modifying my code

Darryl Moore writes:
> It's not a different DN. It is the value of the 'member' attribute.
> I don't believe they do need to have LF separators between attributes.

Your belief is wrong.  Read - and believe - 'man ldif'.  Or read - and
believe - the output from ldapmodify.  It told you it modified the entry
  "cn=newgrou1,ou=Groups,dc=moores,dc=ca changetype:
  modify add: memberUid memberUid: newuser1 replace: member member:
All of that is the DN it used.

> The data I am feeding into ldapmodify was the same data I extracted from
> a slightly modified version of the ldapaddusertogroup script. So this is
> how that script does it also.

So your extraction script is broken, maybe it did echo `something`
instead of echo "`something`".  Or your cut&paste from the extraction is