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Re: ldapmodify is modifying my code

Darryl Moore wrote:

I've been able to replace nis.schema with rfc2307bis.schema so that I
can have groups with both member and memberUID attributes.

when I try using ldapmodify to add members to the group such as:

echo "dn: cn=newgrou1,ou=Groups,dc=moores,dc=ca changetype: modify add:
memberUid memberUid: newuser1 replace: member member:
uid=newuser1,ou=People,dc=moores,dc=ca" | /usr/bin/ldapmodify -v -y
/etc/ldap.secret -D cn=admin,dc=moores,dc=ca -xH ldap://localhost

Attributes fed to ldapmodify must be separated with line feeds. First line starts with dn:, next line starts with changetype:, etc. Different DNs can be separated with empty lines.