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Re: OpenLDAP coredumps on startup (Solaris 10)

Howard Chu wrote
> The nss_ldap module still needs to be rebuilt. If you arrange for only
> the OpenLDAP libraries to be present in the process, the nss_ldap module
> will still crash if it was originally built against the Sun LDAP.
> They're source-compatible, but they're not binary-compatible.

Okay, i just found this howto:

It covers recompiling of nss_ldap and pam_ldap aswell. It seems that
i've to replace /usr/lib/nss_ldap.so. Hmmm then i've to reconfigure my
solaris 10 zone because /usr is shared on the server (expect /usr/local)

But as i'm the admin of the server i can change everything, but i would
like to reduce difference between those an other zones and not maintain
a full copy of /usr for every solaris zone.

I'll try those howto next week and see if it will work.

Best regards
Daniel Hoffemd

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