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Re: OpenLDAP coredumps on startup (Solaris 10)

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
--On Friday, February 13, 2009 3:15 PM +0100 Daniel Hoffend<dh@dotlan.net>


my slapd server is still crashing. I recompiled the slapd server already
as static binary but that doesn't change anything. I still have no clue
what this random crash in the startup phase is causing.

Howard Chu wrote:
Daniel Hoffend wrote:
I'm setting up an openldap directory server (2.4.13) including a 2nd one
for as backup/failover partner. After i compiled everything, installing,
configuring everything (database, sync, schema, etc) and imported the
basic LDAP Layout (ou=Users,ou=Groups, etc), I wanted to use this
directory as Userdirectory for Userauthentication on ldap.

I was switching user/group lookups using the 'ldapclient' command and
modified to /etc/nsswitch.conf to refer for "files ldap" for passwd and

Everything seems to work. 'genent passwd' and 'getent group' is listing
my ldap user and groups. But when i try to restart the slapd server it
crashes sometimes with a coredump.
Whenever you get a coredump, the most useful thing to do is to actually
examine the coredump. Use a debugger to get a stack trace from the core
Okay i don't really know how to process core files. When I'm doing a
pstack on the core file I'm getting this output.

-bash-3.00# pstack core
core 'core' of 5861:    /usr/local/libexec/slapd -d 511 -u 500 -g 500
   0008e1fc slap_sl_malloc (18, 185, ff092a00, ff3f4910, fe2c3040,
ff3f6a08) + 14

Looks like you ran out of memory to me.

No. It's memory corruption because his Solaris libldap is calling into OpenLDAP's liblber. The only reliable solution is to remove Solaris libldap from the machine and rebuild nss_ldap using OpenLDAP's libraries.

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