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Re: OpenLDAP coredumps on startup (Solaris 10)


my slapd server is still crashing. I recompiled the slapd server already as static binary but that doesn't change anything. I still have no clue what this random crash in the startup phase is causing.

Howard Chu wrote:
Daniel Hoffend wrote:
I'm setting up an openldap directory server (2.4.13) including a 2nd one
for as backup/failover partner. After i compiled everything, installing,
configuring everything (database, sync, schema, etc) and imported the
basic LDAP Layout (ou=Users,ou=Groups, etc), I wanted to use this
directory as Userdirectory for Userauthentication on ldap.

I was switching user/group lookups using the 'ldapclient' command and
modified to /etc/nsswitch.conf to refer for "files ldap" for passwd and

Everything seems to work. 'genent passwd' and 'getent group' is listing
my ldap user and groups. But when i try to restart the slapd server it
crashes sometimes with a coredump.

Whenever you get a coredump, the most useful thing to do is to actually examine the coredump. Use a debugger to get a stack trace from the core file.

Okay i don't really know how to process core files. When I'm doing a pstack on the core file I'm getting this output.

-bash-3.00# pstack core
core 'core' of 5861: /usr/local/libexec/slapd -d 511 -u 500 -g 500
0008e1fc slap_sl_malloc (18, 185, ff092a00, ff3f4910, fe2c3040, ff3f6a08) + 14
0008e594 slap_sl_calloc (1, 18, 185, 0, 23a4a0, 0) + 14
00153e84 ber_memcalloc_x (1, 18, 185, 0, ff3f42f0, 0) + 54
001519b0 ber_start_seqorset (2430c0, 30, 7b000000, 7b, 15226c, 15237c) + 50
00152270 ber_printf (2430c0, fe066fd4, 1, ffbfcecc, 6e2c6463, 2431d8) + 2d8
fe052c08 simple_bind_nolock (243520, 2431d8, 23cd30, ffffffff, 29704, 0) + 318
fe0a8e94 openConnection (ffbfdfe0, 23be30, 23c4c0, 2, 242a0c, 1) + 67c
fe0a7e98 makeConnection (1, 0, 23c4c0, 23be90, ffbfdfd0, 242a0c) + 364
fe0aa31c __s_api_getConnection (0, 0, 0, ffbfe8dc, 23b048, 242a0c) + 578
fe09c6dc get_current_session (2429c8, 0, 3, 260, c, ffffffff) + 38
fe09d41c search_state_machine (2429c8, 242a00, 0, 1, 0, fe0ca000) + 208
fe09e0e4 __ns_ldap_list (fe0eeeac, ffbff380, 24299c, fe0eea28, 0, 0) + 220
fe0dab44 _nss_ldap_nocb_lookup (242980, 0, fe0eeeac, ffbff380, 0, fe0db300) + 44
fe0d4d00 getbymember (242980, ffbffa54, 193dc, ff092a00, fe25d0d8, ffbff280) + e8
fe25dc14 nss_search (fe0d4c18, fe2f1910, ff090340, 2, fe2f77bc, 1) + 20c
fe248124 _getgroupsbymember (23bbc0, 23b278, 10, 1, ffbff654, fe3c1948) + b4
fe2519cc initgroups (23bbc0, 1f4, fe2f3700, ff092a00, 23b278, 10) + 70
00068860 slap_init_user (23bbc0, 23ad58, 1d2c00, 10, 23a800, 1) + e4
0002641c main (7, ffbffc4c, 0, 0, 23ad58, 23ad48) + d24
000251bc _start (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0) + 5c

I would be happy for any help. Otherwise it seems that I've to write a custom start script, that is starting the LDAP server several times in a row, just to make sure that the server is starting up, instead of fixing the error for real.

Daniel Hoffend