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Re: Question about subtree renaming

Philipp Foeckeler wrote:

Could someone explain me please the prerequisites for subtree renames/moves
support by slapd (LDAP ModifyDN for non-leaf objects)?

Currently i use slapd 2.2.6-37.19 with bdb backend without.

There is no such version. 2.2.6 is an (ancient) version of OpenLDAP, though. Not sure what the trailing part means.

What backend do i need to support subtree renames/moves?


What slapd versions could support it?

The question is not well posed. Even though earlier versions could have supported it (my memory can't go that far), you definitely won't use anything older than the latest 2.3. Personally, I wouldn't use anything older than the latest 2.4.

Do i need any special config for this?

I understand that Overlay salpo-refint would be a good idea, any other
overlays i should use then?

It is a good idea if you need that functionality. All other overlays should be good ideas if you need the functionality(ies) they implement. Your question is not well posed in order to get an adequate answer.


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