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Re: Access to a sync provider via back-meta

ali.pouya@free.fr wrote:
Hi Pierangelo,
Thanks for your rapid and efficient answers.
Below you find my answers.

1) In the slapo-rwm  man page I read : "This overlay is experimental."
   But in the slapd-meta man page there is no such text. So I thought that the
rwm feature in this  backend is stable.

Thanks, I'll remove that message. Right now, I think they have roughly the same level of stability, as any feature/bug fix is consistently applied to both.

2) For the crash  of the overlay rwm you are right. It is now fixed. I
encountered exactly the problem explained in ITS 5923 and fixed in RE24.


3) For the crash of back-meta the diagnostic is very simple : back-meta  does
not recocnize the LDAP_RES_INTERMEDIATE response type.
    So it provokes a crash by asserting (0) in the line 1460 of
./back-meta/search.c in release 2.4.13, giving the follwing message :

    read1msg: ld 0x9f29550 msgid 2 message type intermediate
    slapd: search.c:1460: meta_back_search: Assertion `0' failed.

I will submit an issue on this topic next week after testing with RE24.

That's correct: back-meta does not handle that response; probably back-ldap does not handle it either. Yes, please, file an ITS (for back-meta suffices, I'll check if it affects other backends and other response codes).

Please note that even though this bug gets fixed, there's no guarantee that sync replication works over back-meta. I suggest you file separate bugs for not handling the intermediate response and for sync replication over back-meta, if it doesn't work after the missing feature is implemented.


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