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Re: Access to a sync provider via back-meta

Hi Pierangelo,
Thanks for your rapid and efficient answers.
Below you find my answers.

1) In the slapo-rwm  man page I read : "This overlay is experimental."
   But in the slapd-meta man page there is no such text. So I thought that the
rwm feature in this  backend is stable.

2) For the crash  of the overlay rwm you are right. It is now fixed. I
encountered exactly the problem explained in ITS 5923 and fixed in RE24.

3) For the crash of back-meta the diagnostic is very simple : back-meta  does
not recocnize the LDAP_RES_INTERMEDIATE response type.
    So it provokes a crash by asserting (0) in the line 1460 of
./back-meta/search.c in release 2.4.13, giving the follwing message :

    read1msg: ld 0x9f29550 msgid 2 message type intermediate
    slapd: search.c:1460: meta_back_search: Assertion `0' failed.

    I will submit an issue on this topic next week after testing with RE24.

Best Regards