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Re: Access to a sync provider via back-meta

----- "ali pouya" <ali.pouya@free.fr> wrote:

> Hi,
> I need to connect my replica to a sync provider via an intermediate
> slapd
> configured with back-meta. My goal is to use the rewrite/map functions
> of
> back-meta. But I find that slapd crashes each time the replica is
> started.
> May be back-meta does not support LDAP controls ? or LDAP partial
> responses ?
> Does any one have an experience with this ?

Please file an ITS (assuming you're using a recent version of OpenLDAP; otherwise first try with the latest 2.4).

> I precise that I cannot use the RWM overlay for many reasons :
> -The RWM overlay has to be installed in the remote sync provider
> server that is
> managed by another team.
> -the overlay is incompatible with the other uses of that server.
> -The overlay is still experimental but back-meta is not.

IMHO (as one of the developers of both) they have the same level of "experimental".  If you find any documentation that states differently, please point me to them, because they need to be fixed.

> -And finally, when I configure the overlay on my test server (by
> simply adding
> the line "overlay rwm" in the config) slapd crashes each time I make
> an LDAP
> search ! (I'm using OpenLdap 2.4.13).

OK, good for the version.  Please file a separate ITS for slapo-rwm(5) crash (unless it is related to ITS#5923; you can tell by running re24 from the CVS, or I can guess if you send a stack backtrace of the crash).

> I do not send an issue (ITS) for theses crashes because I think that
> I'm not
> using a standard feature of slapd.

Please do.  In fact your use of those features is non-standard, but:
1) the crashes are not nice at all
2) OpenLDAP is intended to support non-standard features as well

> Can any one help me ?



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