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Re: ldap_search_s hangs with ms active directory

Thank you sir for you reply.So I tried that again and this time the search worked but after 6 mins or something it returned the result.

Is there any way to bypass this delay or to avoid the referrals? I do set an option like

ldap_set_option(ld,LDAP_SET_REFERRALS,&times) where times=0 so stop referrrals.

Any suggestions?


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Subject: Re: ldap_search_s hangs with ms active directory

----- "Michael StrÃder" <michael@stroeder.com> wrote:

Sankhadip Sengupta wrote:
>     I have written a C ldap client to interact with a MS Active
> Directory in Win Server 2003.
> When I search for the base DNs from scope LDAP_SCOPE_BASE I get all
> results perfectly.But when I try to search for an existing user
> anonymously( I set all the permissions in the ACLS ) it hangs

In the default config MS AD does not allow anonymous access for most
the entries. Why your LDAP client hangs is another question only you

Probably, the library by default tries to chase referrals (and AD can return many), while OpenLDAP's tools don't.


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