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Access to a sync provider via back-meta

I need to connect my replica to a sync provider via an intermediate slapd
configured with back-meta. My goal is to use the rewrite/map functions of
back-meta. But I find that slapd crashes each time the replica is started.
May be back-meta does not support LDAP controls ? or LDAP partial responses ?
Does any one have an experience with this ?

I precise that I cannot use the RWM overlay for many reasons :
-The RWM overlay has to be installed in the remote sync provider server that is
managed by another team.
-the overlay is incompatible with the other uses of that server.
-The overlay is still experimental but back-meta is not.
-And finally, when I configure the overlay on my test server (by simply adding
the line "overlay rwm" in the config) slapd crashes each time I make an LDAP
search ! (I'm using OpenLdap 2.4.13).

I do not send an issue (ITS) for theses crashes because I think that I'm not
using a standard feature of slapd.

Can any one help me ?

Thanks & best regards