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Re: help in ldap and webmin

"Sufyan Aqtam" <saqtam@itce.alquds.edu> writes:

> Hi all
> I have a problem in openldap server.
> I configured an ldap server with bdb that contains about 25000 user.
> It works perfect to answer the authentication requests and modifying existing
> users.
> I am using the webmin âLDAP Users and Groupsâ module to create new users.
> When I fill the information for a new user and click on create button it takes
> a very long time to create the user.
> I check the log file of ldap server and I find that it starts access all users
> in the database.
> The messages in the log file as below and it is repeated for all users:

If you don't want logging disable it, see loglevel in man slapd.conf(5).


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