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RE: Syncrepl Questions

--On Thursday, January 15, 2009 3:10 PM -0600 "Allgood, John" <jallgood@ohl.com> wrote:

	We started building the ldap server about a month ago. We have not
really had the time to do proper research due to time constraints. We
just used the rpms that Redhat provided with RHEL5 which is openldap 2.3.
The rpms built from Redhat did not have the ppolicy overlay built in. I
found the overlays on the Beta channels from Redhat Network and used
those to get the ppolicy. I wish Redhat would stay a little more up2date.
Anyways if there is anymore advise that can be provided I would
appreciate it. Oh one more thing. When I was setting up syncprov for the
first time I missed the part about loading the module in the slapd.conf.
I did enter the overlay syncprov to my config and it appears to work. Can
syncprov be built into openldap and not loaded as an module. Just wanted
some verification on this issue.

Don't use the crap shipped by RH. It's built for client libraries, not for running a production LDAP service. See:


Since you're using RHEL, I would advise one of two things:

(a) Use Symas' builds (http://www.symas.com, Silver is free, other editions come with more features and support for cash), or
(b) Use the builds by Buchan Milne (<http://staff.telkomsa.net/packages>)

If you have a production application where you need support available and you're not terribly familiar with LDAP, I strongly advise (a).



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