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Re: Syncrepl Questions

----- "John Allgood" <jallgood@ohl.com> wrote:

> Hello Again

> Maybe by the end of this project I will be somewhat of an ldap expert
> until them please bear with me.

It will take many years to get there (I'm no where near), trust me ;-)

> 	I think I have gotten a little more understanding to how this will
> work. I have a provider and a consumer up and running and I am
> pointing each application and or server to both the provider and the
> consumer. Also there is something called referrals that are talked
> about for the consumer. Is this something I will need to use.

If you understand referrals you will be able to answer this yourself. Anyway,
referrals "refer" a client to the Provider if it is trying to write a consumer
that doesn't accept writes, think of it as "Go speak to the boss".

> 	We started building the ldap server about a month ago. We have not
> really had the time to do proper research due to time constraints. 

This can be a big problem.

> We
> just used the rpms that Redhat provided with RHEL5 which is openldap
> 2.3. The rpms built from Redhat did not have the ppolicy overlay built
> in. I found the overlays on the Beta channels from Redhat Network and
> used those to get the ppolicy. I wish Redhat would stay a little more
> up2date. Anyways if there is anymore advise that can be provided I
> would appreciate it. Oh one more thing. When I was setting up syncprov
> for the first time I missed the part about loading the module in the
> slapd.conf. I did enter the overlay syncprov to my config and it
> appears to work. Can syncprov be built into openldap and not loaded as
> an module. Just wanted some verification on this issue.

Build it how you like, it's best to build from source to start with to get
a feel for everything. Then depending on how you company works you can move
to a commercially supported version. I would never recommend the RHEL version, but
please visit the list archives for why.


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