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RE: Syncrepl Questions

Hello Again

Maybe by the end of this project I will be somewhat of an ldap expert until them please bear with me.
	I think I have gotten a little more understanding to how this will work. I have a provider and a consumer up and running and I am pointing each application and or server to both the provider and the consumer. Also there is something called referrals that are talked about for the consumer. Is this something I will need to use.
	We started building the ldap server about a month ago. We have not really had the time to do proper research due to time constraints. We just used the rpms that Redhat provided with RHEL5 which is openldap 2.3. The rpms built from Redhat did not have the ppolicy overlay built in. I found the overlays on the Beta channels from Redhat Network and used those to get the ppolicy. I wish Redhat would stay a little more up2date. Anyways if there is anymore advise that can be provided I would appreciate it. Oh one more thing. When I was setting up syncprov for the first time I missed the part about loading the module in the slapd.conf. I did enter the overlay syncprov to my config and it appears to work. Can syncprov be built into openldap and not loaded as an module. Just wanted some verification on this issue.

Thanks Again

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----- "John Allgood" <jallgood@ohl.com> wrote:

> I donât think MirrorMode is available in 2.3. Here is my setup below.
> What am I missing? I had to download the overlays from the beta
> channels just to get ppolicy. My goal is to provide a mechanism for
> authentication users and have a redundancy in case I love the
> provider. I may be trying to over analyze this configuration but the
> documents are a little confusing.
> 1. Configured a single LDAP server
> 2. Configured syncrepl on the provider
> 3. Configured a single consumer "refreshonly"
> 4. I have several applications and client connecting to the provider.
> Each application and client only point to the provider.
> 	. Squid
> 	. Samba
> 	. Dovecot
> 	. End Users authenticating through gdm

OK, these all look like read only apps. Why not point them to both servers or
setup 2 consumers and point them all to that.

Why are you still on 2.3? Beta channels of what?

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