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Re: OpenLDAP as a 'generic' hierarchical data store

Lorenzo Pastrana wrote:
Let me warn you that LDAP support in PHP is poor and, AFAIK, little

maintained, not to mention development.

Beeing a complete new comer I'm not sure to get how 'poor' you feel PHP
support is ...

Could yo ube a little more specific ?

Does this mean almost unusable / broken ?
Or does this mean so archaic / low level you can't use it without
spending some time baking a more coder friendly API ?

- you can't perform LDAP modify operations on multiple operations with multiple operation types (e.g. combinations of add, replace, delete); this is crucial for atomic modifications
- braindead handling of binary vs. string data
- limited, undocumented access to response structure
- no support for asynchronous operations
- no support for LDAPv3 extensibility (exops, controls)

Note that most of the above has always been available in a decent manner in the corresponding C API.


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