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OpenLDAP as a 'generic' hierarchical data store

Hello list,

I was wondering lately if I could use OpenLDAP as a 'generic'
hierarchical data store for the application I'm planning, and tried to
get any hint about feasibility. I found a blog post about OpenDS
where the author states about Read/write performance parity ...
That was the kind of news I just wanted to hear because I'm thinking
about a persistence back-end, not just an almost static dataset, but I'm
in a genuine PHP environment and Java is not an option; so I naturally
tried to get some infos regarding OpenLDAP performance but found nothing
recent, and the references I could find are quite discouraging on that
matter ...

However since 4 to 8 years have passed since the tests I've been
reading, I'm still in the hope of a 'a pleasant surprise' as the sun guy
sayz ...

Does someone has an experience to share about that kind of (mis-)usage
of OpenLDAP ?

Any pointers to some good and recent reference on the matter are of
course well come.

Thanks in advance for any information.


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