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Re: OpenLDAP as a 'generic' hierarchical data store

Hi Lorenzo,

There are many companies that are developing product that uses directory servers as a 'generic' hierarchical data store.
Not later than yesterday I was discussing with a company that replaced a SQL database with an LDAP directory server (not OpenLDAP though). The main benefit for them was to have the replication of the data in all of their boxes, simplifying their development and the deployments for their customers. They are even considering leveraging replication as a signaling mechanisms for specific events between the different components of their complex system.



On Dec 9, 2008, at 7:18 PM, Lorenzo Pastrana wrote:

Hello list,

I was wondering lately if I could use OpenLDAP as a 'generic'
hierarchical data store for the application I'm planning, and tried to
get any hint about feasibility. I found a blog post about OpenDS
where the author states about Read/write performance parity ...
That was the kind of news I just wanted to hear because I'm thinking
about a persistence back-end, not just an almost static dataset, but I'm
in a genuine PHP environment and Java is not an option; so I naturally
tried to get some infos regarding OpenLDAP performance but found nothing
recent, and the references I could find are quite discouraging on that
matter ...

However since 4 to 8 years have passed since the tests I've been
reading, I'm still in the hope of a 'a pleasant surprise' as the sun guy
sayz ...

Does someone has an experience to share about that kind of (mis-)usage
of OpenLDAP ?

Any pointers to some good and recent reference on the matter are of
course well come.

Thanks in advance for any information.


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