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Re: How To (correctly) reference an LDAP entry

Christian Marg writes:
> Hmm, I might have to refer to some other LDAP server in the future, so
> this is a bit too simple. Too bad that there isn't a "refer-to"-backend
> that just refers someone querying it's suffix to a different server.

Might be useful, yes.

Maybe the LDAP backend could get an option to not actually contact the
remote server, just return a referral:-)

> Since I just want "referential integrity", i.e. the Server to know
> _something_ (even just a Referral) about a DN below "ou=X,o=Y,c=Z", I
> don't need the server to chase the referral. So I could add a second bdb
> (or even ldif!?) backend as Readonly etc, that just contains a referral
> entry for "ou=X,o=Y,c=Z"?

Sound like it, yes.  Not the LDIF backend, it wasn't written for "real"
use like that.  Hmph, I've got to get around to committing the patches I
have for just that.

Yet another option is to compile with CPPFLAGS=-DBDB_MULTIPLE_SUFFIXES
which makes BDB accept multiple suffixes in a single database.  I don't
know if that code is still good though.  Might be suffering from code