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Re: translucent overlay with local-only entries

Howard Chu wrote:
Sven Ulland wrote:
Gavin Henry wrote:
I see local *modifications*, yes. Example: A remote entry with
uid=andrew is edited on the translucent extension with a new
description. When searching, I see the locally changed description
without problems.

On the other hand, when I create *entries* that only exist on the
translucent extension, I never see any sign of them when searching. I
do see them when running slapcat, so they are indeed present in the
local database.

This should be fixed with Howard's 2.4.8 patch some time ago,


Re-read the slapo-translucent manpage:

Entries retrieved from a remote LDAP server may have some or all
attributes overridden, or new attributes added, by entries in the
local database before being presented to the client.

Entries that only exist locally have no meaning. Translucency is
only for modifying the view of an entry that already exists

Then I have misunderstood the wording in the man page, specifically this: "With [translucent_local], search filters will be split into a local and remote portion, and local attributes will be searched locally." I also wrongly assumed that it would be possible, given Gavin's follow-ups.

Now that it's clear that slapo-translucent alone won't do what I'm
after (a stand-alone directory extension with local-only attribute
changes and also local-only entries), the proper way might be to use a
local directory, slapd-meta using the master and local directories, with
default-target pointing to the local dir for writes. That should at
least be a place to start. I'll see if I can get it working.