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Re: How To (correctly) reference an LDAP entry

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
> No, "nil" is not an LDAP term 

Thats why I put it in quotes - I didn't have a better term to say "the
DN cannot be found on the current server and the Client has no clue
where to look for it".

> Put the DNs of the entries in question in the seeAlso attribute, just
> as you would do if the entries they point at were stored in server A.
> Then set up server A so that attempts to look up an entry under
> ou=X,o=Y,c=Z will return a referral to server B to the client, or will
> cause server A to contact server B and return the results to the client.

Ok, so I wasn't on the wrong way.

> The simplest way is to put
>     referral ldap://server B/
> in slapd.conf, so that attempts to look up _any_ entry outside
> dc=tu-clausthal,dc=de in server A will return a referral to server B.

Hmm, I might have to refer to some other LDAP server in the future, so
this is a bit too simple. Too bad that there isn't a "refer-to"-backend
that just refers someone querying it's suffix to a different server.

Since I just want "referential integrity", i.e. the Server to know
_something_ (even just a Referral) about a DN below "ou=X,o=Y,c=Z", I
don't need the server to chase the referral. So I could add a second bdb
(or even ldif!?) backend as Readonly etc, that just contains a referral
entry for "ou=X,o=Y,c=Z"?

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