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How To (correctly) reference an LDAP entry


I have some entries in my own OpenLDAP server (Server A, Base:
dc=tu-clausthal,dc=de) and would like to link each of them to entries
stored on a foreign LDAP Server (Server B, Base: ou=X,o=Y,c=Z).

I have added the "seeAlso"-attribute containing the DNs I want to link
my LDAP-entries to, but since they are in another name space and on a
foreign Server, they point to "nil".

Do I have to rebuild the foreign namespace to just add a reference to
the other server? How would I do that most cleverly on OpenLDAP?

Or is there another way to create (correct) external references?

Am I even using the "seeAlso" attribute correctly?

Christian Marg                    mail  : mailto:marg@rz.tu-clausthal.de
Rechenzentrum TU Clausthal        web   : http://www.tu-clausthal.de
D-38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld      fon   : 05323/72-2626
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