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Re: Trouble with nisnetgrouptriple syntax / RFC 2307

Pierangelo Masarati writes:
>Jeff Blaine wrote:
>> First, thanks for the reply.  Second, I apologize for "sanitizing"
>> my example with fake names in the nisNetgroupTriples because it
>> dodged the actual problem.
>> It appears the problem is with underscores in the triples'
>> values:
>>     nisNetgroupTriple: (-,foo_bar,)
>> Apparently an underscore is not valid in a 'keystring'?

Right.  RFC 2307 refers to RFC 2252 (sectin 4.1) which defines it as
allowing letters, digits, "-" and ";".

> An underscore __should__ be valid in the username part of
> nisNetgroupTriple,  (...)

It should have been.  There is an "rfc2307bis" document which is
supposed to update RFC 2307 if it ever gets released, and that
simply uses the IA5 String syntax (in practice ASCII string) for

RFC 2307 some other quirks, e.g. it demands the gecos field is ASCII.
For that matter, I'm sure someone out there uses 8-bit usernames
and directory names.