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Trouble with nisnetgrouptriple syntax / RFC 2307

I've come across the same problem as the original poster found


The only reply to him indicated that his syntax was incorrect
for nisnetgrouptriple according to RFC 2307.

I cannot see how it is invalid based on the syntax definition
from RFC 2307.

My example:

dn: cn=users1,ou=Netgroup,dc=rcf,dc=foo,dc=com
objectClass: nisNetgroup
objectClass: top
cn: users1
nisNetgroupTriple: (-,asgen2m,)
nisNetgroupTriple: (-,apdons,)
nisNetgroupTriple: (-,ffeins,)
nisNetgroupTriple: (-,faullton,)

The syntax definition:

 nisnetgrouptriple = "(" hostname "," username "," domainname ")"
 hostname          = "" / "-" / keystring
 username          = "" / "-" / keystring
 domainname        = "" / "-" / keystring

Does that not state that hostname, username, domainname can each be ANY of:



Any guidance would be welcome!

Jeff Blaine