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Re: Newbie - how to change display name settings

What's the actual data in the directory?


--On January 10, 2008 7:59:51 AM +0700 Winanjaya - CBN <winan888@cbn.net.id> wrote:

When trying on Ms., Outlook, I got the same thing, it should be displayed
FirstName LastName instead of Last Name, First Name

any idea?

many thanks in advance


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Subject: Re: Newbie - how to change display name settings

Winanjaya - CBN wrote:
Michael StrÃder wrote:
Winanjaya - CBN wrote:

What I meant is: when displaying the ldap accounts .. I got "Last Name, First Name" display format .. how do I change the format to "First Name, Last Name"

You have to specify which attribute you're looking at and with which LDAP client tool.

I am using LABE 3.3.2 (LDAP Address Book Editor) .. I thought the attribute are cn, sn ..

Which attribute is "displayed"? I don't know LABE. You have to ask the author of LABE which attribute(s) is/are used for displaying a single entry in a table.

Ciao, Michael.


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