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NOOP and case change renames

I'm up against my next challenge in the great challenge of Samba4 and

As metioned on openldap-devel, I've hit up against renaming DNs onto

For example, I previously mentioned 
cn=ldaptestuser2,cn=users,DC=samba,DC=example,DC=com into

This should become: 

dn: cn=ldaptestuser2,cn=users,DC=samba,DC=example,DC=com
changetype: modrdn
newrdn: cn=ldaptestuser2
deleteoldrdn: 1

> RFC 4511 states that a modify DN operation must fail with the
> entryAlreadyExists result code if there was already an entry with that
> name.  However, a broad interpretation would recognize that such a
> modify DN operation is going to be a no-op and simply ignore it.  The
> specific case doesn't seem to be explicitly dealt with in RFC 4511.

I've written a module to cause this to never reach the DB, but my next
test (which AD also permits) is:

cn=ldaptestuser3,cn=users,DC=samba,DC=example,DC=com into

So it seems I need some backend help.  Is there another way I should be
handling case changes in a DN, or could/should the DB be modified to
allow these operations?

(These tests arose because a user tried to do exactly this from the
windows management tools, and we also failed to allow it in ldb). 


Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett
Authentication Developer, Samba Team           http://samba.org
Samba Developer, Red Hat Inc.

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